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This can involve a variety of methods, either through an evaluation exam, current grades, or a simple conversation with the parent and the child to understand needs, wants, desires, and expectations. Once a general understanding and evaluation of the student is established, we pair the student with a tutor that we believe fits best in terms of personality, qualifications, price, and overall stature. It is at that point that the tutor will reach out to both the parent and student to establish more of a sense of what level and what weak points/strengths to target so that the work can begin. At the very heart of the lessons, there must exist a certain level of understanding between the parent, child, and tutor to manage expectations and understand exactly where the child stands based on grade level, progression, overall ability to cognitively process information, and a general understanding of not only the material taught throughout the tutoring lesson, but also the material that is taught in school to become “predictive” in our approach. Underlying problems in understanding the framework behind what the student does/does not know can effectively predict problem areas in the student’s progress throughout the year and the tutor can target those areas before they become a problem and hinder the student’s confidence.

Developments of Habits! At JM Learning, we thrive around the notion of great habits! To have a student read every day for 20 minutes is significantly more effective than having the student read occasionally for an hour. This “occasional” reading only leads the student down a path to believe that reading is nothing more than another monotonous chore with no end.


FRO - State Test Prep


The classes are split based on grades and every lesson is a brand new topic, while still building from previous topics. The classes focus on the rules and strategies that are necessary to do well on the state tests. 



We do not often recommend that a student at this age be placed in a session longer than one hour, because most will not be able to keep the attention necessary to foster effective learning. That being said, each one-hour lesson starts with a review of the previous week’s material for 10 mins, a review of all of the material, assignments, topics, and homework that was discussed in school for 30-40 minutes, and preparation for the next week’s material for the remainder of the time. While certain projects, exams, assignments do come up, we tailor a study plan and syllabus for the student, to make sure that every lesson becomes an essential course on its own. Our lesson plans follow The Common Core curriculum, which can be found at the link below:

HELLO e1588665180220 - State Test Prep
HI e1588664646126 - State Test Prep


The group settings consist of 2-4 students. Each student in the group must be in the same school with the same teacher. The group settings focus on the students’ weaknesses as a group and prepare for the State Tests . 

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Every tutor goes through a particularly grueling training process. The training process involves a series of examinations, tutorials, mock teaching sessions, and adaptive learning assessments so that the tutors are perfectly set up for the maximum results. We believe strongly that the tutor’s success is closely intertwined with the student’s, thus our staff closely monitors the progress of each instructor and each student through our proprietary systems and a variety of programs, such as google classroom. Each room is then equipped with camera systems so that the parent can witness firsthand the progress being made in the classroom. Naturally, certain instructors have more qualifications then others and have certain styles of teaching that could be more effective for specific students. The instructors are split based on qualifications according to our, “Genius, Brilliant, Bright” model and are setup based on the parent’s request of price, scheduling, and above all, student needs. The qualification of each instructor and the instructors can all be found on our instructors page, along with a short video lesson and introductory segment sampling the instructor and his/her qualifications. Click on the link below to visit our instructors page: