An exam designed for students who would like to gain entrance into some of the top private schools throughout the country. The SSAT and ISEE is split into multiple categories based on the following age levels: 

boy, man, people


Grades 3-4


Grades 5-7


Grades 8-11

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What skills are asked on the exams?

Both exams ask various Math and English concepts that are more based on problem solving rather than concepts learned in school. These exam require the student to study and practice on his/her own.

how do i register?

Go to to register for the SSAT exam and for the ISEE exam.

How long is the exam and when is it administered?

The exam usually begins at 9 AM and is administered throughout the year at various times. Both exams are approximately 3 hours.

What is the difference between the SSAT AND ISEE?

Both exams offer admission to the specialized high schools and test math and English concepts. The real difference lies in the school you’d like to apply for. Check for more details through for the SSAT and for the ISEE and check with the specific private school to truly understand the requirement better.

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