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What is the test? The SHSAT exam tests the student’s ability to think comprehensively, both linguistically and mathematically and is the main factor in the decision process to some of the best High Schools in the city commonly referred to as the “Specialized High Schools”. These schools include: 

Bronx High School of Science, The Brooklyn Latin School, Brooklyn Technical High School,
High School of American Studies at Lehman College in the Bronx, Staten Island Technical High School
Stuyvesant High School, High School for Math, Science and Engineering at City College,Queens High School for the Sciences at York College

We start with an initial diagnostic exam that mimics a full length SHSAT exam to help us understand how to approach the student’s needs and familiarize the student with the exam.JM Learning Prep offers a dynamic SHSAT curriculum that can be taught in a one-on-one “private” setting, a small group setting with two to four people, or a class setting, depending on preference and what is optimal for the student and parent. Our learning center consistently follows the news for updates related to NYC Education, which allows us to customize our programs accordingly. When there is a change or a proposed change, we make sure to inform our clients about it and then implement it into our courses. At JM Learning Prep, we believe that you can only make the right decision when you have the right information, and we are here to help.


ShsAT PRograms



These courses are not the typical approach to class sessions. All classes have a 15-week cycle. In order to ensure the best possible results, we place each student into his/her particular level and skill. This level is determined by our own “Cut-off” score and thus each student is placed into either the “Level 2” or “Level 1” Class. 

Level 1: The class designed to teach all of fundamentals necessary for achieving the maximum possible results.

Level 2: The Cut off Score for level 2 is a 450



The private lessons are one on one with the instructor. Before starting private lessons, the student would have to come in to take an SHSAT diagnostic exam for the tutor to evaluate where the student initially stands. It will help the tutor see the weaknesses and strengths of each student.The private lessons are customized to the students’ specific needs. 



The group settings consist of 2-4 students. Each student in the group must be in a 50-point range between SHSAT diagnostic scores. The group settings focus on the students’ weaknesses as a group.


What makes JM’s methods different from other Test Prep companies?
We care about the student, first and foremost. Every student learns differently with different styles, settings, and overall personalities. While we demand a certain level of excellence in the quality of the material we produce, every instructor, class, and lesson is customized to fit the child and what he/she needs. A fully customized learning plan along with constant evaluations and “check-ups” to make sure the student is receiving the necessary attention allows the student to achieve the maximum results.
What is the difference in tutoring in a private setting vs. a classroom/semi private?
Every class is individualized for the student regardless of whether it is a private session or a large class. Every student is encouraged to ask questions and participate as much as they feel comfortable in every group session.The only difference between a group and a private lesson is that private settings are geared toward the student’s specific needs and not a course. The private sessions are ideal for the student who already knows exactly what he/she needs and wants to specifically work on those concepts.


Meet the head of the SHSAT Program!

Robert Gullery



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