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Build your confidence by mastering some of the most difficult materials on the SAT 2’s with our SAT Subject Test Prep Courses.

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SAT 2 Subject Tests are college admission exams. These are the only national admission tests where you choose the tests that best showcase your strengths and interests. By taking the exam, you will stand out in your college admissions, show colleges your interest, fulfill their requirements, and show what you have learned outside the classroom. Find our how our SAT Subject Test Prep Courses can guide you through the right path.


We care about the student, first and foremost. Every student learns differently with different styles, settings, and overall personalities. While we demand a certain level of excellence in the quality of the material we produce, every instructor, class, and lesson is customized to fit the child and what he/she needs. A fully customized SAT Subject Test Prep Course is designed along with constant evaluations and “check-ups” to make sure the student is receiving the necessary attention allows the student to achieve the maximum results on their SAT Subject Tests. 

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Don’t know which subject test you should take? Or are you struggling to find out which is accepted by your desired college? Look no more, contact us and one of our representatives will explain the process!

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Private Lessons

The private SAT Subject Test Prep sessions are ideal for the student who already knows exactly what he/she needs and wants to specifically work on those concepts.

Semi-Private Lessons

The Semi-Private SAT Subject Test Prep sessions are ideal for those students who are on the same level and focus on their weaknesses as a small group. The semi-private consists of 2-4 students per group.


Every student is encouraged to ask questions and participate as much as they feel comfortable in classes. The classes are split based on subjects and have a revolving cyclical entry system in which every lesson is a new topic, while still building from previous topics.

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Understand your weaknesses!

At JM Learning, we thrive around the notion of great habits! We start with an initial diagnostic exam that mimics a full length SAT 2 exam to help us understand how to approach the student’s needs and familiarize the student with the exam.


Pair you with an Instructor!

The instructors are split based on qualifications according to our, “Genius, Brilliant, Bright” model and are set up based on the parent’s request of price, scheduling, subject and above all, student’s need. To find our more information about out tutors, visit our page at Click here


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 Register to take the test at Click here . Over the past 7 years, we have catered to nearly 20,000 students and we are proud to say that our average SAT 2 score improvement is 40 points. 

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Not sure what program is best for your child? Contact us today to speak to a representative who can create a customized plan for your child. 

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