We start with an initial diagnostic exam that mimics a full length SAT exam to help us understand how to approach the student’s needs and familiarize the student with the exam. From the diagnostic score, we devise a personalized SAT Prep program to obtain the most benefit. The sessions can range from one on one sessions to groups and classes depending on preference and need. 


Over the past 7 years, we have catered to nearly 20,000 students and we are proud to say that our average SAT score improvement is 313 points. With nearly double the industry standard, we offer results unparalleled to nearly any of our competitors. Please feel free to check out some of our testimonials and hear what real students have to say about our services.


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SAT Prep Classes

The classes are split based on levels and have a revolving cyclical entry system in which every lesson is a brand new topic, while still building from previous topics. Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3. We offer evaluations at our testing centers to stimulate real test taking conditions, and these evaluations are available without an appointment. Just stop by 4 hours before our closing hours and tell us you are here to take your diagnostic.


SAT Prep Privates

The private lessons are one on one with the instructor. Before starting private lessons, the student would have to come in to take a diagnostic exam for the tutor to evaluate where the student initially stands. It will help the tutor see the weaknesses and strengths of each student.The private lessons are customized to the students’ specific needs. 

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SAT Prep Semi-Privates

The group settings consist of 2-4 students. Each student in the group must be in a 100-point range between SAT diagnostic scores. The group settings focus on the students’ weaknesses as a group.


We care about the student, first and foremost. Every student learns differently with different styles, settings, and overall personalities. While we demand a certain level of excellence in the quality of the material we produce, every instructor, class, and lesson is customized to fit the child and what he/she needs. A fully customized learning plan along with constant evaluations and “check-ups” to make sure the student is receiving the necessary attention allows the student to achieve the maximum results.​

Every class is individualized for the student regardless of whether it is a private session or a large class. Every student is encouraged to ask questions and participate as much as they feel comfortable in every group session.The only difference between a group and a private lesson is that private settings are geared toward the student’s specific needs and not a course. The private sessions are ideal for the student who already knows exactly what he/she needs and wants to specifically work on those concepts. ​

You can take the exam as many times as you want and the highest section from each exam can be counted for many colleges, which is what is often referred to as a, “Super Score.” In other words, the “Super Score” is a combination of your highest reading and highest Math Sections from each time the student takes the Exam. If the student were to take the exam in March and score an 800 on Math and 600 on reading, then was to take the exam again in June and score an 800 on reading, but went down to a 600 on Math, the student’s “Super Score” would essentially be a 1600.

When the child is ready! Whie we recommend the student to complete at least 1 year algebra and half a year of geometry, the only way to answer this question is to realize that every student is entirely different and have different maturity levels. We have students who begin studying in the middle of their 7th grade and completely ace the exam, however, we have had students well into their senior year and are incapable of maintaining a consistent study schedule and cannot handle the ​

In general, you can think of the Essay as a requirement for the upper echelon of Colleges/Universities. Therefore, the student can prepare for the essay portion if he/she is scoring a 1450 or above. But, it is important to have a plan of action when it comes to schools and not to get caught. There are some schools with a low median SAT score acceptance and the requirement of the Essay. If you’re not sure how to proceed, please check the link below and find out about our College Advisement and Application programs.

The average SAT score for 2018 was a 1060. But, the fact remains that a “good score” is completely dependent on the school the child would like to attend. Some schools have a median SAT score of 1100, other more competitive schools have a median score of a 1500. It is important to have an understanding of what schools are within the student’s range and set realistic expectations based on those schools.

Daily Habits!!! Regardless of whether you decide to take one of our prep courses or one of our competitors, the fact remains that 30 mins per day every day will beat “binge” studying any day and it is important to incorporate the SAT into that same type of mentality.

Daily Habits!!! Regardless of whether you decide to take one of our prep courses or one of our competitors, the fact remains that 30 mins per day every day will beat “binge” studying any day and it is important to incorporate the SAT into that same type of mentality.

This is completely dependent on the child and his/her starting score. Some kids learn extremely quickly and can get through the course and score near perfect within 3-4 weeks. Others go through the courses multiple times and need the reinforcement over several years to achieve their goal score.

This question depends on which colleges you are applying to. Some schools weight SAT scores very highly when they are reviewing applications. Others might look at grades and extracurricular activities first. But you can’t know how schools value your scores, so your best bet is to look at the average SAT scores for admitted students and try to aim for scores in that range.

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