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We start with an initial Regent diagnostic exam that mimics a full length Regent exam to help us understand how to approach the student’s needs and familiarize the student with the exam. From the diagnostic score, we devise a personalized Regent Prep Program to obtain the most benefit. The sessions can range from one on one sessions to groups and classes depending on preference and need. 

our results

Over the past 7 years, we are proud to say that our average Regent score improvement is 15-20 points. With nearly double the industry standard, we offer results unparalleled to nearly any of our competitors. Please feel free to check out some of our testimonials and hear what real students have to say about our services.


The Regent Exams are statewide standardized examinations in core high school subjects. Students are required to pass these exams in order to earn a Regents Diploma. The exams measure student achievement in high school-level courses.


The Regents Exams are not scored based on a sum or percentage of questions answered correctly. Instead, raw scores on the tests are converted on a curve to the officially reported scale scores. This curve is customized to each year’s group of tests.

Regent Prep Courses

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The regent prep classes are split based on subjects and have a revolving cyclical entry system in which every lesson is a brand new topic, while still building from previous topics. We offer free evaluations at our testing centers to stimulate real test taking conditions, and these evaluations are available without an appointment. Just stop by 4 hours before our closing hours and tell us you are here to take your diagnostic.



The regent prep private lessons are one on one with the instructor. Before starting private lessons, the student would have to come in to take a diagnostic exam for the tutor to evaluate where the student initially stands. It will help the tutor see the weaknesses and strengths of each student. The private lessons are customized to the students’ specific needs. 

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The regent prep group settings consist of 2-4 students. Each student in the group must be in the same school with the same teacher. The group settings focus on the students’ weaknesses as a group.

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We care about the student, first and foremost. Every student learns differently with different styles, settings, and overall personalities. While we demand a certain level of excellence in the quality of the material we produce, every instructor, class, and lesson is customized to fit the child and what he/she needs. A fully customized learning plan along with constant evaluations and “check-ups” to make sure the student is receiving the necessary attention allows the student to achieve the maximum results. 

Every class is individualized for the student regardless of whether it is a private session or a large class. Every student is encouraged to ask questions and participate as much as they feel comfortable in every group session and our dedicated instructors will stay after class and answer questions at any time to make sure the topics discussed are understood and reinforced. The only difference between a group and a private lesson is that private settings are geared toward the student’s specific needs and not a course. The private sessions are ideal for the student who already knows exactly what he/she needs and wants to specifically work on those concepts. 

Students start taking their first regent in the 8th Grade. The child should come in to take a three hour evaluation exam, which will determine where he/she stands, in the beginning of the school year. Based on the results, the child will be placed in our group, private or semi-private settings. 

It is important to score well on these tests to graduate from high school and possibly get an advanced Regents diploma. The Regents is most important for graduation credits but it also builds a foundation for standardized exams such as the SAT’s and the ACT’s.

This depends on the child and his/her starting score. Some kids learn extremely quickly and can get through the course and score near perfect within 3-4 weeks. Others starts preparing for the regents in the beginning of the school year or in the summer.

All of our diagnostic exams directly come from the New York State Regent Curriculum Website which can be found at Click here

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