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Reasons to Book a Tutor for Your Child This Summer

From help in English, math, science, and history to SAT prep, a tutor can provide your child with invaluable assistance. The school year may be just about over, but your student does not have to stop learning. Tutors can provide a different approach to learning or help your children get ahead in their classes. There are many reasons to hire a tutor; some of them are discussed below:

Your Child Needs Extra Help

Signs your student may benefit from a tutor include:

  • Falling Grades: Whether your child’s grades suddenly drop, or you notice a repeating pattern, a tutor can address the underlying problem. It’s not uncommon for a student to need, for example, a math tutor as the subject matter gets more advanced.
  • Hard Work Not Paying Off: Your children may be trying hard, but their grades are still falling. If they don’t fully comprehend a subject, a tutor can figure out why your students aren’t catching on and find creative ways to help them learn.
  • Loss of Focus: If your students seem distracted from their homework or bored, a tutor can draw their attention back to schoolwork with engaging activities such as games. Tutors work with one child at a time and can make each lesson interactive and less boring.
  • A Lack of Confidence: A delay in learning may have nothing to do with intelligence; your child may just lack confidence. If your student seems discouraged due to an instructor’s teaching method or being bullied, a tutor can focus on their needs.

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Standardized Tests Are Hard

Standardized tests such as the Regents or SAT not only require understanding core subjects but also the format of the exam. An SAT prep tutor, for example, can provide your student with practice tests and individualized help. Lessons can cover ways to study and how to take an exam, covering topics such as eliminating wrong answers and pacing oneself during the test.

Tutoring Allows a Child to Struggle

During a tutoring session, there is no shame in not understanding the material. Tutoring is an opportunity to take time to learn. Part of a tutor’s job is to help a child realize they can understand something without the pressure of teachers’ unrealistic expectations or peers who mock a student’s lack of understanding.

There Are Many Tutoring Options

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When your students show signs they need extra help, or they are facing NYSED regents or other exams, there are different tutoring options. These include tutoring centers as well as private in-person tutoring. Online tutoring is another popular option because it provides a level of flexibility that lets your child receive help from anywhere there’s internet access.

Find Subject and Exam Prep Tutoring Today

At JM Learning, we offer access to science tutoring, AP exam tutoring, and SAT prep classes. From crash courses to subject- and grade-specific one-on-one tutoring, we can set your child up with an engaging approach to learning. Continue browsing to learn more about the types of tutoring available this summer, or feel free to use our online registration tools; for more information, contact us at 718-975-2665 today!