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Step 1:

Have your child take an initial diagnostic exam that mimics a full length exam.

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Step 2:

Sign up for classes or private lessons to learn the foundations of the exam.

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Step 3:

Take the test and get into the school.

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learn about the test....

     Mark Twain Intermediate School for the Gifted and Talented and Bay Academy Intermediate School for the Arts and Sciences are renowned middle schools. The entrance exams for these schools require students to choose up to two categories in which they would like to demonstrate their talents. These categories include: Creative Writing/Journalism, Science, and Computer Mathematics.


find out about our approach

This can involve a variety of methods, either through an evaluation exam, current grades, or a simple conversation with the parent and the child to understand needs, wants, desires, and expectations. Once a general understanding of the student is established, we pair the student with a tutor that is qualified with the specific category.
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Creative Writing/Journalism

The test is a Two-part exam with multiple choice and original composition. Forty multiple choice questions are reading comprehension, spelling, grammar, and vocabulary. The original writing piece is weighted more heavily. The students have a choice of two topics and are evaluated based on idea development, organization, sentence fluency, word choice, writing mechanics as well as originality and creativity.

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One hundred multiple choice questions covering: scientific method, experimentation, analysis and graph interpretation, problem-solving, developing scientific hypotheses. Biology and Earth Science are most prominent, but physics and chemistry are still present on the exam.

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The test consists of fifty multiple-choice questions that feature a math and computer history/internet component. Thirty questions of the exam are multi-step mathematical problem solving, logic questions, and puzzles that require a strong sense of pattern recognition. Twenty questions = basic computer skills + history, internet fluency, vocabulary, ability to comprehend a technical document, some questions that analyze programming ability through sequential, logical, and iterative thinking.

classes vs private LESSONS



The classes are split based on different subjects and have a revolving cyclical entry system in which every lesson is a brand new topic, while still building from previous topics. We offer free evaluations at our testing centers to stimulate real test taking conditions, and these evaluations are available without an appointment.



The private lessons are one on one with the tutor. Before starting private lessons, the student would have to come in to take a diagnostic exam for the tutor to evaluate where the student initially stands. It will help the tutor see the weaknesses and strengths of each student.The private lessons are customized to the students' specific needs and the exam they will be preparing for.


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