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The SAT exam has long been known as a college admissions test, but there are things the makers of the exam, simply do not want you to know. Find out what it takes to dominate the exam….

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Hear about how Kate made a 150+ point improvement on her SHSAT and what she has to say about her time at JM.

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Pre-High School is a crucial time and a great opportunity to get ahead. 

You’re on the precipice of college. There are many choices that lay ahead of you, which will you take?

You are close to the finish line. Now, take the tools you need to change the world.

Challenge is only the beginning of something greater...

We often view challenges as something that occurred to us and out of our control. While, in part, this is true…

High School Internships - College Application Guidance

Get the High School Internships you need to add to your College Applications

Securing valuable internships gives students an incredible competitive advantage when they are applying to any job. These are the…

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