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How to Prepare Your Kids for the SAT/ACT

The SAT and ACT are exams colleges may use during the application process. Your child’s score can impact their odds of acceptance into a specific college or university. Each exam measures your student’s proficiency in core subjects and skills they will need going forward. It’s therefore important to prepare them and find, for example, SAT prep that can help review content, fill learning gaps, and boost their confidence.

Here are ways to start preparing your child for the SAT or ACT, well before they take the exam:


Enroll Them in Challenging Courses

If your student is handling the work at their grade-level, level things up a bit. By taking more rigorous courses, your child can more quickly learn fundamental coursework. Incorporate AP classes in their four-year plan (created at the start of high school) and encourage them to seek AP exam tutoring when necessary. After all, college admissions tests measure the skills your student has learned over several years.


Strengthen Their Reading Skills

The SAT and ACT are reading-intensive exams. A student’s performance on either test depends on their ability to read efficiently and analyze complex texts. Even math and science questions may contain challenging passages; improved reading skills can help eliminate wrong answers even if a student stumbles on a topic.


Set Up a Timeline

A test schedule set early in high school can help your student prepare. Your child may take the PSAT and/or PreACT in their sophomore or junior year (their first SAT or ACT is often in the spring of junior year). If their scores could be improved, there are several opportunities to retake the tests, but each exam requires intensive preparation. Make sure your child has at least four months in-between exams so there’s time to prepare, for example, with SAT prep classes.


Take Advantage of Test Preparation

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Test prep is available in many forms and for exams such as the NYSED Regents, the SAT, ACT, and others. It is more than just a review of course content. Proper test preparation can:

  • Familiarize your child with the test format: Knowing how an exam is formatted can boost your child’s confidence. The SAT and ACT are timed, adding to the pressure. By concentrating on the format, your child can learn strategies such as eliminating incorrect answers choices.
  • Study how they’re most comfortable: Some test preparation resources are designed for your child to study independently. An SAT prep book can be very useful. However, other students do better with one-on-one tutoring, whether in-person or online.


Find the Right Test Prep with JM Learning

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