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We offer our services to students in grades K-8, and in all major subject areas, including Math, Science, History, English/ELA, and Spanish. There is an initial consultation with each student’s parents to assess which major subject areas the student is struggling with. The sessions are one-on-one, and tutors are able to help students in a personalized and catered way, ranging from 1 and up to 2 hours each session. Assistance is provided at all levels, and we not only help students with their homework, but we help students become well-rounded in that subject, aiming them to achieve higher test and quiz grades. Parents are updated on a weekly basis with student progress, creating a transparent relationship in which students and parents are able to connect, and become regularly aware of their child’s improvements. We do not complete homework for students, but we curate specific questions to help students approach their homework in a new way. We are able to cater to students with diverse learning needs, goals, and abilities, explaining complex concepts using familiar terminology. If a student is completing homework that is leading up to an examination or quiz, the tutor and student create a review sheet or packet to help the student have an organized study guide, helping them succeed. These types of organization methods facilitate a work ethic within students to become proactive about their learning. Parents and tutors are able to develop correlated action plans to help students achieve targets. Homework Help builds lifelong study techniques, habits, and mindsets.


Grades k-5

For students in grades K-5, Homework Help provides assistance with developmental and foundation skills for becoming a better student. The goal is to shape students to become eager to learn and willing to accept challenges. In all major subject areas, we help lay down the initial skills that students will take with them in their later years. We can help young students build their reading skills, writing basics, math foundations, and introductory knowledge in science and social studies. All help is fostered to help a variety of student needs.

Grades 6-8

For students in grades 6-8, Homework Help focuses on preparing students with the necessary skills and assistance to strive in high school and beyond. In grades 6-8 the course material is primarily an introduction to topics covered at an advanced and fast-paced level in high school, therefore, Homework Help tutors focus on making sure that students are able to grasp these harder concepts that may not be covered well enough in junior high school. Our tutors are equipped to help students in all major subject areas, and Spanish.


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