Gain the high school internships you've always dreamed of all while improving your college applications!

Many students struggle to find the right High School Internships and are often told that they are either too young or are simply unqualified. This leaves many ambitious teens stuck paying obscene costs for the “perfect Summer Pre-College” experience. While some students are able to gain incredible internships through exclusive connections. And, those parents that don’t have these incredible connections spend their time in Summer Camps as “Camp Counselors,” a fun but not a truly career oriented experience. Or worse, they are unable to get any valuable extracurricular activities to add to their college applications. 

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None of these experiences truly gives the students insight into the marketplace and what it takes to thrive in such various fields. In order to combat this issue, our College advisors devised a brilliant strategy. 

Real-world opportunities are vital to the growth of our youth, not only empowering them with the skills and knowledge they will need throughout their lives, but it will also give them valuable insight into their own passions and desires for their future. We expect our youth to discover their general goals and ambitions when they’re young. But, we often rely on television, social media, or some form of self-inflicted idealism that is unrealistic and is only discovered upon graduation – if that. 

Let’s really think about it, how many students finish years of school and discover that everything they have worked for was for nothing and they would like to go into a field vastly different from what they had studied for throughout College and even Graduate School. The answer is millions! 

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Unfortunately, there are simply too many High School Students and no demand or time in the marketplace to train all of them. High School Internships are difficult to come by because it is extremely costly for companies to train, house, or oversee any new employee. Why would they do so for an unqualified and mostly “untrustworthy” teenager? And, they especially do not want a bunch of students in the company or performing the bare minimum just to add to their college applications. 

More so, colleges would like for High School students to have an understanding of what they would like to do and study. The last thing they want is a bunch of misguided vagabond teens with no real understanding of what they would like to do or where they belong. 

The time of College is to “discover one’s self,” is a bygone era and now it is more important than ever to gain the valuable High School Internships that are coveted by so many. And, since Coronavirus has effectively destroyed all possibilities for new internship opportunities, High School Internships are harder to come by than ever before.

Because of these issues, our college advisors decided to take matters into our own hands and give the power back to the students and allow them to create their own High School Internships.

This past Tuesday, 5/19/20, we held the first-ever Networking event to empower students to gain the High School Internships they need during these difficult times. They were also taught how to gain the tools necessary to start their own businesses. We ended off with a few of our students discussing their own projects and how they were looking for more interns.

The event was extremely successful! With over 120 registered and 76 in attendance, we could not have been more proud of our presenters and all the people that helped make it happen. 

If you missed the event, we have broken up the entirety of the seminar in 4 easy to watch videos that are shown below.

If you are interested in one of the internship opportunities, please get directly in contact with the various companies listed throughout the video. The specifics on all of the internship opportunities and all of the projects will be listed on our website soon. 

Follow the step-by-step guide to help better follow along with the video tutorials and help guide you through the process of building your own company.

If you would like more information, please contact us via [email protected] and we would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. 

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