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College Admissions has become not only more competitive but individualized. As with any system, the more the individual is allowed to highlight him/herself, the more complex the process becomes. With our college advising program the student will be guided every step of the way and be guided by ex-admissions officers and professional writers. We help guide the student to not only understand the process and the key elements of what makes the student unique, but emphasize the points that matter most to Colleges and Admissions officers to make sure the student’s application stands out above the rest. 

the college process

The College Application Essay is arguably the most important aspect of the admissions process and requires the student to submit an answer to one of many questions that is most often posted by the Common Application (the most common college application form that is used by most colleges in the United States). There are, however, many Colleges/Universities that do not require the Common Application Essay and require various other forms of a personal statement. However, this essay, regardless of how it’s asked, is the student’s ability to shine and explain who they are as individuals apart from just grades and test scores. It gives college admissions counselors a great insight into how the student thinks and how valuable of an asset he or she will be. 

Most Schools require the common application form, but many schools, particularly in California, are switching to different systems, such as the Coalition App. The general concept of every form is the same and will ask about student demographics, personal identity questions, inquiries about parental history, and most importantly what Extra Curricular Activities the student has been a part of. It’s truly important to get this right as a mistake here will ultimately result in an inability to follow directions and can jeopardize the student’s hard work all for some silly clerical error. It’s important to note that once an application is submitted, you cannot go back without notifiying the school.

While every school asks general questions about the student’s identity, most Colleges/Universities ask for school specific forms to be filled out. These forms usually entail extra essays that are specific for each school and are ways to ensure that the student has done sufficient research and has enough motivation to attend. This is just another loop hole the students are put through in order to ensure only the most highly qualified candidates will apply. 

Many of the supplemental applications also require a Resume.

This process sounds a lot simpler than it is and I would take special note on this process. Submission is the final step in the process and cannot be reversed (without going to extraordinary measures). It is not only crucial to know what to submit as that should have been planned prior to filling out any of the school specific supplemental forms, but it is important to know when to submit and how to submit to each school.

Many schools have options such as ED, EA, REA, RA etc. (For a breakdown of these terms – please visit the FAQ portion of this page). These options can often increase/decrease the student’s likelihood in obtaining entrance depending on the school’s statistics of previous year’s enrollment. 

College Advising 101

The 4 key aspects of College Admissions

Having a strategic approach to the college process is vital and it’s important to understand that every College/University is different. By getting the right college advice, the student can gain the proper framework to understand what schools best fit the student’s academic and personal profile. From there, it is possible to create the perfect application and allow dreams to become reality.

three steps to success

Our College Advising Program Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

We achieve results by making the college application process approachable and manageable. 

With the right college advisor, strategic plan, and individualized approach, even this process can be made simple.



We setup a meeting between you and your assigned college advisor to understand the student.



We help the student pick the schools right for him/her and guide them through the requirements of every school.



By creating a comprehensive plan, we are able to help the student complete all applications perfectly.

What we offer

College Advising Packages

The Bronze Package

The Basics

This College application package is designed for the student on a budget or the student who simply needs help with only their College Essay. The package includes unlimited edits and comprehensive review of the topic chosen.

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This package includes a complete overhaul of the common application and entails a complete review the application in its entirety, including the extracurricular page (excluding the supplemental forms). This package ensures that the colleges get sent in time and also comes with unlimited edits for the College Essay along with a break down of the topic with the student and one of our top advisors.

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the Gold package

For the Goal Setters!

Designed for the student with a very specific goal, this package is perfect for the student who would like to ED to a specific school, or apply to the illustrious Macaulay Programs. Included is a full breakdown of the common application along with any other applications the student may have. It also includes a complete overhaul and unlimited edits of the College Essay and a review with one of our top advisors. This package is a step up from The Silver Package in the sense that it also includes 1 supplemental essay and form, perfect for that dream school.

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the platinum package

For those that want more

This package is designed for those student who would like to apply to various schools and make sure they keep their options open. With a full breakdown of every application, unlimited edits for the college essay and review with one of our top advisors, a strategy session to make sure the student is on the right track, and 3 supplemental applications included, our goals become aligned and process just gets that much easier.

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the supreme package

Be Different...

This package is for those students who would like an edge with 5 supplemental essays/forms. It comes with an initial strategy consultation with one of our leading directors, a complete evaluation of every application, unlimited College Essay edits, and formulation of the extracurricular activities. Stand out with this amazing opportunity!

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IVY Bound Package

Get Into The School Of Your Dreams

With 7 Supplemental essays, a comprehensive evaluation of the college essay, a full breakdown of every application, resume build, and Ivy League Interview prep, this package is a smorgasbord for the Ivy League bound student. Get the best guidance and have assurance that all of the most difficult tasks involving the college applications is completed perfectly by our expert college advisors. 

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VIP Package

Have it All!

There is nothing this package does not include. You are our VIP and it is our first priority to see to all of your needs and aspirations and ensure that you have the best chance to achieve your dreams and land into the school that you want most. This package includes unlimited supplemental essays, priority in all college applications, a complete breakdown of every application, weekly strategy sessions to ensure that you’re on the right path and a team of college advisors to ensure that everything is done perfectly. 

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College Advising Services

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions, we have answers.

Our College Advising program is and was built by ex admissions officers who understand the process in a way that is firsthand. We approach every application, essay, and supplement with a personal approach and ensure that the student’s personality and strengths stand out, all while mitigating any weaknesses that can be foreseen. 

It all starts with the essay and choosing the right topic. We have a personal evaluation worksheet for the student to fill out and then we have a meeting in order to come up with the best possible topic. Then, we breakdown every detail of the essay until the student, parents, and we are satisfied with the quality of the work. 

We continue by making sure every question of the common application and every other application is  relevant to the student and no questions are missed or incorrectly answered to hinder the student’s chance for admission. 

The next step is the supplement and we show the student how to do the research in a timely and efficient manner to ensure the best results and work through every essay. 

VERY! Recent Studies have indicated that Colleges/Universities have put more of an emphasis on what the student does apart from grades and standardized test scores.

In the common application, the student is only given 150 characters to write a description of the Extra-Curricular Activity. We ensure that those 150 characters are used appropriately in our editing process.

Every School has their own requirements and may have their own application requirements. It’s important to check the requirements of every school.

Average number of schools should be about 15. There should be 3-5 safety schools (schools the student is sure to get into), 5-9 Match Schools (schools in which the student is most likely going to get in to, and 3-5 Reach Schools (schools in which the student dreams of attending). However, this number can vary greatly depending on the student and his/her goals.

Yes! However, the reality is that nearly no student actually completes his/her application without some form of college advice, either from the school or outside help. Recent reports indicate that 98% of students admitted to the top 50 National and Liberal Arts Universities/Colleges had some form of guidance from a college graduate or someone who had went through the process relatively recently.

If you went to college, you should have a general understanding of the requirements and what the universities are looking for and therefore are more than equipped to guide your son/daughter. However, it is important to note that the college process has changed drastically and continues to change every year. The process has become more individualized and competitive than ever before and while the information is relatively available, it is important to take into the account the amount of time required for the research, review of essays, and general overview of the process. We have encountered hundreds of students over the years whose parents originally believed they could handle the process, but when they realized how difficult and how much work was involved, wound up hiring us with little to no room for error and time left. Please do not let this be the case. The earlier you start, the better the outcome!

Our college advising program creates a step by step guide for the student to not only stay on track, but ensure that the college application process becomes painless, both for the student and the parents. Our job is to make your headache, ours.

Ed (Early Decision) – A contract between the school and the student that if the student gets accepted, they will have to attend. Conversely, if the student does not get accepted, he/she will be allowed to attend any school. The student can only apply to 1 ED school. The reason why many students apply ED is because, for some schools, it increased the likelihood of admission. The negative aspect to applying ED is that the student will not be able to choose a better scholarship offer from another school.

EA (Early Admissions or Acceptance) – Allows students to apply early and get their decisions early. A common misunderstanding is that EA will increase your chances, but that truly depends on the school. RD (Regular Decision) – The admissions committee will review applications at a set date and release decisions on a date. This application is not binding.

REA (Restrictive Early Action) – This type of application process only exists for some of the more pronounced Colleges, such as Harvard. This application means that the student is only allowed to apply to this one private school as an early admission candidate. For Example, if Student A applies REA to Harvard, he/she cannot apply EA, ED or REA to any other private institution such as NYU, but the student can apply early to a state school like Binghamton. This process is not binding. 

RA (Rolling Admissions) – Applications are reviewed as students submit their applications and decisions are administered on a first come first serve basis.

RD (Regular Decision) Applications are reviewed on a specific date and given admissions decisions on a specific date as well, albeit a later date than any form of Early Application (usually March-April).


There are various sources throughout the Internet to choose from and scour through. Our top choices are:

1. College Confidential (a giant forum for students, faculty, and admissions officers)

2.  US News and World Report (a list of all the top schools ranked accordingly.

3. Forbes Top Colleges (another excellent resource for ranking colleges)

4. College Score Card (the ultimate source for everything you need to know about the statistics of the college process. ***Warning – this is pure raw data and you want to save this source for only experts on the college process.

5. College Board (not only the makers of the SAT. This site has plenty to choose from involving information on various schools.

These all differ, but if you check the various sources we have outlined in the previous FAQ, “How can I learn more about each College,” it will answer that question.

The best way to obtain scholarships is directly through each individual school and through what is called the CSS profile (a financial application profile that looks at your income situation holistically, not just raw data from your previous year’s income tax return. This application is also through the College Board website). However, there are numerous articles located within JM Scoop.


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