We are here to make your headache ours. No matter what the age, the end goal should be a university or program that “fits” the student. We use the word “fits” in 3 categories:

  1. Capability
    We help the student excel academically from a very young age. Every one of our tutors is a professional in his/her respective field, which allows our students to be immersed in an environment that grows confidence and shifts the traditional approach to education.
  2. Personality
    There are three different types of learners: kinesthetic, visual, and auditory. We evaluate the student prior to enrollment to understand the type of learner he or she is.
  3. Financially
    Often, people worry themselves about the financial burden of college, and they end up choosing affordable alternatives over quality ones. But, the fact is that very few students are burdened with full tuition. Most students pay half, if not less, and the best way to get money for colleges is with better grades and SAT/ACT scores. Unfortunately, sometimes that is just not enough. We provide guidance on financial aid forms required for colleges. We try to push our students to be the best, and we use cost-benefit analysis to help you make the right decision for your child’s future.

College Preparation:

“This is the moment you’ve worked for.”

The college process is something that we specialize in and help you with in every possible way. Whether you need guidance with the common application, supplemental forms, financial aid, CSS, or help with the college essay, we make it easy by breaking down the entire process. By creating a clear image of who the student is, we make it easy for colleges to see the precision and true potential in every student.

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  1. General Subject Tutoring:
    Math, English, Science
  2. NCLEX Exam Preparation
  3. MCAT Exam Preparation
  4. GRE Preparation
  5. GMAT Preparation 

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