About me

I am a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) graduate from St. George’s University, currently in the process of applying to a Medical Residency position. I graduated from Adelphi University in Long Island with a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Biology.

During my time in college, I enjoyed the many different fields of science, including general and organic chemistry, biology, physics, and even psychology; studying for the MCAT further strengthened my knowledge and love for these subjects. In Medical School, I have taught Immunology as well as Physiology to small groups of medical students.

In addition to traditional tutoring, I prepare PowerPoint slides, give practice worksheets/homework and ask engaging questions in order to build rapport and allow for an interactive experience. This allows learning to take place via communication, as well as visual and auditory stimuli.


I specialize in various Science fields, such as


High School to College Level


High School to College Level


High School to College Level

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