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About me

My name is Adham. My first two years of college were at the Macaulay Honors College and my final two years were in Brooklyn College, where I graduated with a B.S in psychology. My subjects of interest are chemistry, physics, organic chemistry, and biology. I am planning on continuing my education next year at medical school.

As a tutor, I can help you find strategies to cope with and complete some of the rigorous sciences students go through in high school and college. I have studied them for years, so I understand how gruelling they can be. But with patience and dedication, not only can you succeed at them, but you may even develop a passion for science, like I did. I can be your guide and friend, and help you to achieve the academic goals you’re striving for. I have experience teaching swimming and coaching, and my love for it, and the sciences, has brought me into tutoring.

In my free time, I enjoy swimming, running, comedy clubs, and video games.


I specialize in various science fields, such as



Organic Chemistry



AP Psychology

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