5 Key Reasons to Hire a Tutor

As a parent, you want your child to thrive in school and develop a love of learning. Sometimes students need a helping hand to reach these goals, and in these cases, a tutor can provide the help your child needs. Whether they’re struggling with study habits or one subject in particular, private tutors will put them back on the path to success. Here is how your student could benefit from tutoring services.

Why You Should Hire a Tutor for Your Child

1. Offers a Focus on Problem Areas

Being stumped on even one topic can hold a student back significantly. Unfortunately, teachers need to move on to the next lesson regardless of each pupil’s understanding. If your child has a tutor, however, they can discuss their confusion in depth after school. Their instructor will take the time to explain the lesson in a way your child understands.

2. Provides Individualized Teaching

In a classroom of over 20 students, teachers have a hard time dividing their attention among each student. Private tutors give students one-on-one instruction, leading to more concentrated learning. With the instructor’s full attention, your child will be more focused and motivated.

3. Encourages Questions

tutorMany students are shy about raising their hands, while others worry that their questions will use up valuable class time. A good tutor will encourage your child to ask questions they couldn’t bring up in class. The lack of peer pressure and time constraints allow even the quietest of students to raise their voice.

4. Builds a Foundation for Tough Topics

Challenging subjects such as math and science require learners to have a solid foundation before diving deeper into more complex topics. If students don’t have the basics down, they may struggle for the rest of the year. No matter where your child’s comprehension lies, a tutor can help build understanding from the ground up. They’ll work through whatever is stumping your child until they feel confident enough to progress.

5. Gives Students Plenty of Practice

Sometimes a concept won’t click with your child until the teacher has already moved on to the next lesson. At that point, they haven’t had nearly enough practice completing related assignments or problems correctly. Students need regular practice to cement any academic concept. If this is the case with your child, their private instructor can create worksheets to help the lesson stick.



Choose a tutoring center that values both your child’s success and self-confidence. JM Learning in Brooklyn, NY, employs qualified tutors from a diverse range of academic backgrounds to give your student an effective, personalized learning experience. They pride themselves on building positive relationships with students and equipping them with the skills, knowledge, and joy of learning necessary for a fruitful academic career. Learn more about their tutoring classes online, or call (718) 975-2665.