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4 Signs Your Child Needs a Math Tutor

Adults often struggle with mathematics, so you can imagine how your child must feel. If you feel inclined to help, that’s okay, but a math tutor is better equipped because they’re experienced using different methods to teach kids math, just as an SAT prep tutor can focus on the content and format of the exam. Tutors also have the time, patience, and working knowledge to help your child.

If you’re wondering whether your child needs a math tutor, here are four signs they may be calling out for help:


Their Grades Are Dropping

Perhaps your once straight-A student isn’t excelling like they once were. It’s not uncommon for high school students’ grades to fluctuate, but if you know your child is working extra hard other forces may be in play. If you notice your student has lower homework, quiz, test, or course grades, find out where your child is struggling before it’s time for a major exam such as the NYSED Regents.


Frustration with Homework

Another sign your child needs a math tutor is they are hesitant to start their homework. They might also express their distaste for algebra and other types of math even if they don’t seem to mind going to school. Saying “I hate math” can mean they are having trouble grasping certain concepts. Then it’s time to pinpoint the problem and find the help needed to get back on track.


Hesitation to Ask Questions

When you ask about schoolwork, your student might be hesitant. No child wants to disappoint their parents. Your student might feel ashamed to ask about something they don’t understand. Math requires a different level of cognition than most subjects, but tutors are used to rephrasing information or using alternative teaching methods to help students figure things out. This strategy works for science tutoring and other subjects as well.


Changes in Attitude and Behavior

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Sometimes the frustration of learning math can be too much to bear. A student might feel like they’re not smart enough to understand it. They may act out or find excuses not to go to school (this is usually a sign they’re frustrated, embarrassed, and struggling with something). You might find your child shutting down and/or turning in assignments late. It’s time to figure out what is troubling your student and find them the help they need.


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