Grades 1 to 6 

1-6th grade

Our curriculum is specifically designed to allow each student to excel in his/her classes based on individualized lesson plans. We currently offer tutoring for 1st-6th grades, for the following areas:

  1. General Subject Tutoring
    Math, English, Science, History, Languages
    Exams for admission to private elementary, middle and high schools.
  3. Statewide Exam Preparation
    Preparing students for their Mathematics and English Language Arts Statewide Exams.
  4. The Intensive “2-Tutor” Program
    This is the only educational program that gives the student the ability to work with 2 tutors at the same time! Each class comes with a tutor and tutor’s assistant, in which one tutor sets the course, meets with a student once/twice weekly for tutoring sessions, and the tutor assistant stays with the student for the remainder of the week, helping with daily homework assignments and any other academic issues/concerns.

Price List

Homework help

Our homework help program entails the following:

  • The parent can bring his/her child for homework help at any time during our working hours.
  • During the time requested with our highly qualified “homework helpers,” the “homework helper” will be helping your child complete his/her homework assignment for the next school day.
  • The homework help program is offered in all major subjects.

Boy showing math work